bailable offence

Bailable Offence Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: जमानती अपराध

Nearby Words:

Noun: अपराध, जुर्म, दोष, अपराधी, अपराधिनी

Part of Speech:



(bey-luh-buhl uh-fens)

Bailable Offence Synonyms:

1. Pardonable Crime – क्षम्य अपराध

2. Forgivable Offense – क्षम्य अपराध

3. Non-serious Crime – गैर-गंभीर अपराध

4. Minor Offense – सानो अपराध

5. Petty Crime – छोटो अपराध

6. Misdemeanor – अपराधिक अवज्ञा

Description and Origination:

A bailable offence refers to a crime for which the accused person can be granted bail. In Nepal, bailable offences are those that are considered less serious and do not pose a significant threat to society. These offences allow the accused to be released on bail while awaiting trial. The concept of bailable offences aims to ensure that individuals are not unnecessarily detained before their guilt is proven. It provides an opportunity for the accused to secure their release by providing a guarantee or surety. Bailable offences are an important aspect of the criminal justice system, promoting fairness and protecting the rights of the accused.


1. Non-bailable Offence – अजमानती अपराध

2. Serious Crime – गंभीर अपराध

3. Felony – अपराधिक अपराध

4. Capital Offense – मृत्युदण्ड अपराध

5. Indictable Offense – अभियोगनीय अपराध


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