Bailable Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meaning: जमानत लिन सकिने, जमानत लिने योग्य

Nearby Words:

Noun: Bail, Bail bond, Bailment, Bailor, Bailiwick

Verb: Bail, Bail out, Bail up

Part of Speech:




Bailable Synonyms:

1. Bondable (बंधनीय)

2. Releaseable (मुक्त्यायन गर्न सकिने)

3. Redeemable (उचित गर्न सकिने)

4. Pledgeable (गिरवी राख्न सकिने)

5. Surety (जमानतदार)

6. Guaranty (गारन्टी)

Description and Origination of Bailable:

Bailable is an adjective that describes something or someone for whom bail can be granted. In the legal context, it refers to a person who is eligible for release from custody upon the payment of bail. This term originated from the word “bail,” which means the temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial, typically secured by a sum of money or property pledged as a guarantee.


1. Non-bailable (जमानत लिन सकिने नरहेको)

2. Unbailable (जमानत लिन सकिने नरहेको)

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