Balance Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: संतुलन, समता, तुलना, समत्व, संतुलितता

Part of Speech of Balance:

Balance is a noun.

Pronunciation of Balance:


Balance Synonyms:

1. Equilibrium – संतुलन

2. Stability – स्थिरता

3. Harmony – सामंजस्य

4. Proportion – अनुपात

5. Equality – समानता

6. Symmetry – सममिति

Description and Origination of Balance:

Balance refers to a state of equilibrium or stability where opposing forces or elements are equal. It can also mean fairness, equality, or harmony in various contexts. The concept of balance has been prevalent in various cultures and philosophies throughout history, emphasizing the importance of maintaining equilibrium in different aspects of life.


1. Imbalance – असंतुलन

2. Instability – अस्थिरता

3. Disharmony – असामंजस्य

4. Disproportion – अनुपातहीनता

5. Inequality – असमानता

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