Bagatelle Meaning in Nepali

Bagatelle is a noun that has multiple meanings in Nepali. Some of the Nepali meanings of bagatelle are:

1. खेलखेलालो (khelekhelalo) – Playful

2. खेलखेली (khelekheli) – Game

3. खेल (khel) – Sport

4. छोटो खेल (chhoto khel) – Small game

5. खेलकुद (khelkud) – Recreation

Part of Speech of Bagatelle

Bagatelle is a noun.

Pronunciation of Bagatelle

The pronunciation of bagatelle is: /ˌbæɡəˈtɛl/ (bah-guh-tel).

Bagatelle Synonyms

Some synonyms of bagatelle in English with their Nepali translations are:

1. Trifle – तुच्छता (tucchata)

2. Plaything – खेलखेलालो (khelekhelalo)

3. Toy – खिलौना (khilouna)

4. Game – खेल (khel)

5. Amusement – मनोरञ्जन (manoranjan)

Origination and Description of Bagatelle

Bagatelle originated from the French word “bagatelle” which means a trifle or a small thing. It is used to refer to something of little importance or value. In Nepali, bagatelle can be used to describe a playful activity, a small game, or a recreational pastime. It is often associated with activities that are done for fun or amusement.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any specific antonyms for bagatelle in English with Nepali translations.

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