balance in hand

Balance in Hand Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

स्थिरता हातमा, समता हातमा, सन्तुलन हातमा

Nearby Words:

Balance (noun) – संतुलन, समता

In (preposition) – मा

Hand (noun) – हात

Part of Speech: Noun phrase

Pronunciation: (bal-uhns in hand)

Balance in Hand Synonyms:

1. Stability (स्थिरता)

2. Equilibrium (समता)

3. Poise (सन्तुलन)

4. Composure (शान्ति)

5. Control (नियंत्रण)

6. Stability (स्थिरता)

Description and Origination:

Balance in hand refers to the state of having stability, equilibrium, or poise in one’s hand. It signifies the ability to maintain control and composure. This phrase is commonly used to describe a person’s physical or mental state of being balanced and steady. The concept of balance in hand originated from the idea of maintaining stability and control over objects held in the hand, as well as the metaphorical representation of emotional and mental stability. It is an important aspect of overall well-being and is often associated with a sense of calmness and control.


1. Imbalance (असंतुलन)

2. Instability (अस्थिरता)

3. Unsteadiness (अस्थिरता)

4. Disarray (अस्तव्यस्तता)

5. Chaos (अव्यवस्था)

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