Baggy Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: ढिलो, ढिलो ढाक्का लगाउने, ढिलो ढाक्का लगाउने, ढिलो ढाक्का लगाउने, ढिलो ढाक्का लगाउने

Baggy (adjective)

Pronunciation: /ˈbæɡi/

Baggy Synonyms: loose, oversized, roomy, slouchy, saggy, floppy

Description and Origination of Baggy

Baggy is an adjective that describes something that is loose-fitting or excessively spacious. It is commonly used to refer to clothing items that are not form-fitting and hang loosely on the body. The term “baggy” originated from the English language and has been adopted in various other languages, including Nepali.


Tight, fitted, snug, tailored, form-fitting – टाइट, फिटेड, सुग्गा, टेलरमेड, फॉर्म-फिटिंग


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