Among Meaning in Nepali

Meaning of Among in Nepali

Among has multiple meanings in Nepali:

1. बीचमा (bīchamā) – Preposition

2. मध्ये (madhye) – Preposition

3. बीच (bīcha) – Noun

4. बीचमा (bīchamā) – Adverb

5. बीचको (bīchako) – Adjective

Nearby Words

1. Amidst – Preposition – बीचमा (bīchamā)

2. Between – Preposition – बीचमा (bīchamā)

3. Within – Preposition – भित्र (bhitra)

4. Surrounding – Adjective – घिरिएको (ghirieko)

5. Amid – Preposition – बीचमा (bīchamā)

Part of Speech of Among

Among is a preposition.

Pronunciation of Among

(əˈmʌŋ) – (uh-muhng)

Among Synonyms

1. Amid

2. In the midst of

3. Surrounded by

4. Between

5. In the middle of

6. Amongst

7. Betwixt


The term “among” in Nepali can be translated into various words depending on the context. It is primarily used as a preposition to indicate being in the middle or surrounded by something. It can also be used as an adverb or adjective to describe something that is in the middle or between other things. The word “among” is often used interchangeably with “amidst” or “between” in Nepali. It is important to understand the different meanings and uses of “among” to accurately convey the intended message in Nepali.


1. Outside – बाहिर (bāhira)

2. Apart from – बाहिर (bāhira)

3. Excluding – बाहिर (bāhira)

4. Beyond – बाहिर (bāhira)

5. Away from – बाहिर (bāhira)





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