Bagging Meaning in Nepali

Bagging is a noun that refers to the act of putting something into a bag or the process of collecting or gathering something. In Nepali, it can be translated as:

  • झोलामा राख्ने (jhola ma rakhne)
  • बगमा राख्ने (bag ma rakhne)
  • संग्रह गर्ने (sangraha garne)

Part of Speech

The part of speech for bagging is a noun.


The pronunciation of bagging is [bag-ing].

Bagging Synonyms

  • Gathering – संग्रह (sangraha)
  • Collecting – संग्रहण (sangrahan)
  • Packaging – प्याकेजिंग (pyakejing)
  • Stuffing – भर्नु (bhar nu)
  • Pouching – झोलामा राख्नु (jhola ma rakhnu)


Unfortunately, there are no specific antonyms for bagging in Nepali.


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