Bagful Meaning in Bengali: ঝোল পূর্ণ (noun, pronunciation: bæɡfʊl)

Definition of Bagful

Bagful is a noun that refers to the quantity that a bag can hold or that fills a bag. It is often used to describe a large amount or quantity of something that is enough to fill a bag.

Synonyms of Bagful

– Sackful (বোকা পূর্ণ) – Pouchful (টোলা পূর্ণ) – Containerful (কন্টেনার পূর্ণ)

Antonyms of Bagful

– Handful (হাতের পূর্ণ) – Pinch (চুমুচু) – Scant (অল্প)

Origin of Bagful

The term “bagful” is a compound word formed by combining “bag” and “ful,” indicating the fullness of a bag. The exact origin dates back to the use of these words in the English language.

Nearby Words

– Bag (noun) – থলা, ঝোলা – Baggage (noun) – বাণিজ্যিক সামগ্রী – Baggy (adjective) – পচ্ছড়া, মোচা – Bagatelle (noun) – নীচ মূল্যের খেলা – Bagel (noun) – এক রকমের বেগেল

Bagful in Literature Quotes

– “The children gathered a bagful of colorful leaves during their autumn adventure.” – Children’s Book Author (শিশুদের বই লেখক) – “After a successful harvest, the farmers had a bagful of ripe fruits and vegetables.” – Agricultural Expert (কৃষি বিশেষজ্ঞ)

Bagful Meaning in Different Languages

– Bengali: ঝোল পূর্ণ – Hindi: बोर पूरी – Nepali: झोल पूरा – Urdu: بور پُورا – Tamil: பை குடும்பம் – Telugu: బ్యాగ్ పూర్తి – Arabic: كيس مليء – Chinese: 袋子里装满 – Japanese: 袋いっぱい – Russian: полный мешок

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