Baggasse Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: बगास, खोई, खोईको खोई, खोईको खोईको खोई

Part of Speech:

Baggasse is a noun.



Baggasse Synonyms:

1. Residue (अवशेष)
2. Remains (अवशेष)
3. Scraps (अवशेष)
4. Waste (कचरा)
5. Debris (कचरा)
6. Dregs (अवशेष)

Description and Origination of Baggasse:

Baggasse refers to the dry pulpy residue that remains after sugarcane or similar plants have been crushed to extract their juice. It is commonly used as a fuel source in the production of sugar and ethanol. Baggasse is also utilized in the manufacturing of paper, board, and other products. The term originated from French, where it means “refuse” or “rubbish.”


1. Whole (पूरा)
2. Complete (पूरा)

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