Baffle Meaning in Nepali: उबार, भ्रम, उलझाउनु, गोलमाल गर्नु, भ्रमण गराउनु

Definition and Part of Speech of Baffle

Part of Speech: Verb

Pronunciation: (baf-uhl)

Meaning and Nearby Words

Baffle: To confuse or perplex someone; to make something difficult to understand or solve.

Nearby Words: confuse, perplex, puzzle, bewilder, mystify

Synonyms of Baffle

1. Confound – उलझाउनु

2. Puzzle – भ्रम

3. Perplex – भ्रमण गराउनु

4. Bewilder – गोलमाल गर्नु

5. Mystify – उबार

Description and Origination of Baffle

Baffle is a verb that means to confuse or perplex someone, or to make something difficult to understand or solve. It originated from the Middle English word “bafeln,” which means to disgrace or cheat. In the context of a dictionary, baffle refers to the act of causing confusion or puzzlement. It is often used to describe situations or actions that are difficult to comprehend or solve.


1. Clarify – स्पष्ट गर्नु

2. Enlighten – ज्ञान दिनु

3. Explain – समझाउनु

4. Comprehend – बुझ्नु

5. Decipher – खुलाउनु

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