Backstop Meaning in Nepali: ब्याकस्टप (byākastap)

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  • Nepali Meaning: ब्याकस्टप (byākastap), अन्तिम रक्षा (antima rakṣā)
  • Parts of Speech: Noun



Backstop Synonyms:

  • 1. Safeguard – सुरक्षा (surakṣā)
  • 2. Barrier – बाधा (bādhā)
  • 3. Support – समर्थन (samarthan)
  • 4. Protection – संरक्षण (saṅrakṣaṇ)
  • 5. Shield – ढाल (ḍhāl)
  • 6. Defense – रक्षा (rakṣā)

Description and Origination:

A backstop is a noun that refers to a safeguard or barrier used to provide support or protection. It acts as a defense mechanism or shield against potential risks or threats. The term originated in the context of sports, particularly baseball, where a backstop is a fence or screen behind the catcher to prevent the ball from going too far. In a broader sense, it can be applied to various situations where a protective measure is in place.


  • 1. Vulnerability – असुरक्षितता (asurakṣitā)
  • 2. Exposure – प्रकट हुने (prakaṭ hunē)
  • 3. Risk – जोखिम (jōkhima)
  • 4. Peril – आपत्ति (āpatti)
  • 5. Danger – खतरा (khatrā)

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