Axis Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: धुर्व, धुर्वान्तर, धुर्वान्तरी, अक्ष, अक्षरेखा

Part of Speech of Axis:

Axis is a noun.

Pronunciation of Axis:


Axis Synonyms:

1. Pivot – धुर्वान्तर

2. Center – केन्द्र

3. Spindle – धुर्वान्तरी

4. Shaft – अक्ष

5. Line – अक्षरेखा

Description and Origination of Axis:

An axis refers to an imaginary line around which an object rotates or is symmetrically arranged. It is a crucial concept in mathematics, physics, and engineering. The term “axis” originated from the Latin word “axis,” meaning “axle” or “pivot.” In Nepali, it is commonly known as धुर्व, धुर्वान्तर, or अक्ष. The axis plays a significant role in various fields, including astronomy, mechanics, and anatomy.


1. Periphery – परिधि

2. Edge – किनारा

3. Boundary – सीमा

4. Rim – ढोका

5. Border – ताला

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