Augers Meaning in Nepali: अगर्ज, अगर्जने यन्त्र, अगर्जने यन्त्रले खोल्ने यन्त्र

Nearby Words:

Noun: अगर्जने यन्त्र, अगर्जने यन्त्रले खोल्ने यन्त्र

Verb: अगर्जनु

Part of Speech:




Augers Synonyms:

1. Drill – ड्रिल

2. Borer – बोरर

3. Gimlet – गिम्लेट

4. Spiral – सर्पिल

5. Twist bit – ट्विस्ट बिट

Description and Origination:

An auger is a tool or device used for drilling holes, typically in wood or earth. It consists of a long, spiral-shaped bit that is rotated to create the hole. Augers have been used for centuries and were originally made from wood or bone. They have since evolved to be made from various materials such as metal or plastic. Augers are commonly used in construction, woodworking, and gardening.


1. Fill – भर्नु

2. Close – बन्द गर्नु

3. Seal – मुद्रित गर्नु

4. Cover – ढाक्नु

5. Block – रोक्नु

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