Part of speech: Noun

Meaning in Nepali:

1. वृद्धि, बढावा

2. महत्त्व बढाउने



Nearby words:

1. Aggravate (Verb) – बढाउनु

2. Aggravation (Noun) – बढाउने क्रिया

3. Aggravating (Adjective) – बढाउने


1. Amplification

2. Exaggeration

3. Enhancement

4. Enlargement

5. Magnification


अपगमन (Apagaman) – Diminishment

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Aggrandizement refers to the act of increasing or enhancing something, often in a way that exaggerates its importance or power. In Nepali, it can be translated as “वृद्धि” or “बढावा” which signify growth and development. The word is pronounced as “uh-gran-dahyz-muhnt”. It is a noun and is commonly used in various contexts.

Some nearby words include “aggravate” (बढाउनु), “aggravation” (बढाउने क्रिया), and “aggravating” (बढाउने). These words are related to the act of making something worse or more intense.

Synonyms for aggrandizement include “amplification”, “exaggeration”, “enhancement”, “enlargement”, and “magnification”. These words highlight the idea of increasing or expanding something.

An antonym for aggrandizement is “अपगमन” (Apagaman) which means “diminishment” in Nepali. It represents the opposite action of reducing or decreasing something.

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