Attentively Meaning in Nepali: ध्यानपूर्वक, सम्पूर्ण ध्यानले, चेतनापूर्वक, चेतनामय, चेतनायुक्त, चेतनापूर्वकतासँगै

Nearby Words:

Noun: Attention (ध्यान), Concentration (एकाग्रता), Focus (केन्द्रितता), Awareness (जागरण), Mindfulness (सचेतता)

Adverb: Attentively (ध्यानपूर्वक), Carefully (सतर्कतासँगै), Diligently (परिश्रमी), Cautiously (सतर्कतासँगै), Vigilantly (सतर्कतासँगै)

Part of Speech:




Attentively Synonyms:

1. Closely (नजिकै)

2. Intently (ध्यानले)

3. Carefully (सतर्कतासँगै)

4. Observantly (अवलोकन गर्ने)

5. Mindfully (सचेततासँगै)

6. Vigilantly (सतर्कतासँगै)

Description and Origination:

Attentively is an adverb that describes the act of paying close attention or being fully aware of something. It originated from the word “attentive,” which means being observant or mindful. When someone is attentively listening or watching, they are giving their complete focus and concentration to the task at hand. This word is commonly used in various contexts, such as in educational settings, during meetings, or when engaging in activities that require careful attention. Being attentively present allows individuals to absorb information or details more effectively and enhances their overall understanding and engagement.


1. Inattentively (असतर्कतासँगै)

2. Carelessly (लापरवाहीले)

3. Negligently (उपेक्षापूर्वक)

4. Unconcernedly (उदासीनतासँगै)

5. Absentmindedly (अनवेक्षिततासँगै)

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