article of virtu

Article of Virtu Meaning in Nepali: नेपालीमा “आर्टिकल अफ भर्चु” को अर्थ छ।

Nearby Words:

Noun: नाम, शब्द, वस्त्र, वस्त्रालय, वस्त्रकोष

Adjective: विशेष, विशिष्ट, विशेषण, विशेषक, विशेषता

Part of Speech:



(ahr-ti-kuh l, uhv, vur-choo)

Article of Virtu Synonyms:

1. Collectible – संग्रही

2. Curio – अनोखा वस्तु

3. Antique – प्राचीन

4. Artifact – विरासती वस्तु

5. Rarity – दुर्लभता

6. Treasure – खजाना

Description and Origination of Article of Virtu:

An article of virtu refers to a valuable or rare object, typically an antique or collectible item. It holds aesthetic or historical significance and is often considered a work of art. The term originated from the Italian phrase “articolo di virtù,” which translates to “article of virtue.” These objects are often cherished for their beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural importance. They can include items such as paintings, sculptures, jewelry, furniture, and other decorative pieces. Article of virtu is a term commonly used in the field of art and antiques.


1. Common – साधारण

2. Ordinary – सामान्य

3. Mundane – नैसर्गिक

4. Average – औसत

5. Regular – नियमित

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