Astounded Meaning in Nepali: आश्चर्यचकित, हताश, चकित, अचम्मित, अचेत, अचेतन, अचेतित, अचेतान, अचेतना, अचेतनता

Nearby Words:

Noun: आश्चर्य, हताशी, चकिति, अचम्म, अचेतनता

Verb: आश्चर्यित, हताशित, चकितित, अचम्मित, अचेतित

Part of Speech:

Astounded is an adjective.



Astounded Synonyms:

amazed (आश्चर्यचकित), astonished (हताश), surprised (चकित), shocked (अचम्मित), stunned (अचेत), bewildered (अचेतित)

Description and Origination of Astounded:

Astounded is an adjective that describes a feeling of extreme surprise or shock. It originated from the Middle English word “astounen,” which means to astonish or amaze. When someone is astounded, they are completely taken aback by something unexpected or remarkable.


unimpressed (अप्रभावित), unsurprised (अचकित), indifferent (उदासीन), unamazed (अचम्मित), unshocked (अचेत)

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