Abstruction Meaning in Nepali

Abstruction को नेपालीमा अर्थहरू छन्:

  1. अवरोध (avrodh)
  2. अवरोधन (avrodhan)

Pronunciation: (अब्स्ट्रक्शन)

Part of Speech: Noun

Nearby Words:

  • Abstain (Verb) – त्याग गर्नु, बिरामी राख्नु
  • Abstract (Noun) – अमूर्त, अव्यक्त
  • Abstruse (Adjective) – गहिरो, अत्यन्त गाढा

Synonyms of Abstruction:

  • Obstruction
  • Impediment
  • Hindrance
  • Barrier
  • Blockage


अवरोधको विपरीत शब्दहरू छैनन्।

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Abstruction is a noun that refers to the act of obstructing or the state of being obstructed. It can be translated into Nepali as “अवरोध” or “अवरोधन”. The word is pronounced as “अब्स्ट्रक्शन”.

Some nearby words to abstruction include “abstain” (त्याग गर्नु, बिरामी राख्नु), “abstract” (अमूर्त, अव्यक्त), and “abstruse” (गहिरो, अत्यन्त गाढा).

Synonyms of abstruction include “obstruction”, “impediment”, “hindrance”, “barrier”, and “blockage”. Unfortunately, there are no direct antonyms for abstruction in Nepali.

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