Assessments Meaning in Nepali: मूल्यांकन, मूल्यांकनहरू, मूल्यांकनका, मूल्यांकनको

Assessments Meaning in Nepali and Nearby Words

Noun: मूल्यांकन, मूल्यांकनहरू, मूल्यांकनका, मूल्यांकनको

Part of Speech of Assessments


Pronunciation of Assessments


Assessments Synonyms

  • Evaluations – मूल्यांकन
  • Appraisals – मूल्यांकन
  • Judgments – निर्णयहरू
  • Ratings – मूल्यांकन
  • Examinations – परीक्षाहरू
  • Tests – परीक्षाहरू

Assessments Antonyms

  • Ignorance – अज्ञान
  • Disregard – अनदेखि
  • Unawareness – अज्ञानता
  • Neglect – उपेक्षा
  • Indifference – उदासीनता

Assessments refer to the process of evaluating or appraising something or someone. In Nepali, assessments can be translated as मूल्यांकन, मूल्यांकनहरू, मूल्यांकनका, or मूल्यांकनको. It is a noun and pronounced as “uh-ses-muhnts.” Synonyms for assessments include evaluations, appraisals, judgments, ratings, examinations, and tests. On the other hand, antonyms for assessments include ignorance, disregard, unawareness, neglect, and indifference. To learn more about assessments, you can visit,, or

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