Assembles Meaning in Nepali: जोड्छ, गठन गर्दछ, बनाउँछ, बनाउनुहोस्, गठन गर्नुहोस्

Nearby Words:

Noun: assembly (सभा), gathering (सभा), congregation (सभा), meeting (बैठक), conference (सम्मेलन)

Verb: gather (जम्मा गर्नु), collect (संग्रह गर्नु), unite (एकत्र गर्नु), combine (मिलाउनु), join (सामेल हुनु)

Part of Speech of Assembles:


Pronunciation of Assembles:

(uh-sem-buh lz)

Assembles Synonyms:

1. gathers (जम्मा गर्छ)
2. constructs (निर्माण गर्छ)
3. creates (सिर्जना गर्छ)
4. forms (बनाउँछ)
5. organizes (संगठन गर्छ)
6. compiles (संकलन गर्छ)

Description and Origination of Assembles:

Assembles is a verb that means to gather or bring together different parts or people to form a whole. It is derived from the Latin word “assimilare,” which means to make similar or bring together. Assembles is commonly used in various contexts, such as assembling furniture, organizing events, or forming a group. It plays a crucial role in creating unity and coherence. Understanding the meaning of assembles in Nepali can help individuals communicate effectively and accurately.


1. disassembles (खोल्नुहोस्)
2. separates (छुट्टाउनुहोस्)
3. dismantles (खोल्नुहोस्)
4. disperses (छिट्टै छुट्टाउनुहोस्)
5. scatters (छिट्टै छुट्टाउनुहोस्)

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