Aspired Meaning in Nepali: आकांक्षित, अभिलाषित, आशावादी, आशापूर्ण, आकांक्षामय, आशापूर्णता (adjective)

Nearby Words:

1. Aspiration (noun) – आकांक्षा

2. Aspire (verb) – आकांक्षा गर्नु

3. Aspirant (noun) – आकांक्षी

4. Aspirational (adjective) – आकांक्षामय

5. Aspirer (noun) – आकांक्षी

Part of Speech:

Aspired is an adjective.


(uh-spahyuh rd)

Aspired Synonyms:

1. Ambitious – अभिमानी

2. Desired – चाहिएको

3. Longed-for – चाहिएको

4. Strived – प्रयास गरिएको

5. Yearned – चाहिएको

6. Hoped – आशा गरिएको

Description and Origination:

The term “aspired” refers to having a strong desire or ambition to achieve something. It is derived from the verb “aspire,” which means to have a strong desire or ambition towards achieving a goal. In Nepali, it can be translated as “आकांक्षित” or “अभिलाषित.” Aspired individuals are driven and motivated to work towards their goals. They have a sense of determination and strive to fulfill their aspirations. Aspired individuals are often seen as ambitious and hopeful. They set high standards for themselves and work hard to achieve them.


1. Content – सन्तुष्ट

2. Satisfied – सन्तुष्ट

3. Unambitious – अभिमान नगर्ने

4. Unmotivated – अवास्तविक

5. Uninspired – अवास्तविक

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