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As Many Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, “as many” can be translated into several different meanings. Some of the meanings include: धेरै भएको (dherai bhaeko), अनेक (anek), बहु (bahu), अत्याधिक (atyadhik), and अनंत (anant).

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their respective parts of speech:

As (adverb) – जसरी, जस्तो, यसरी, यस्तो

Many (adjective) – धेरै, अनेक, बहु, अत्याधिक, अनंत


The pronunciation of “as many” in Nepali is as follows: (æz ˈmɛni).


Here are some synonyms of “as many” in English with their Nepali translations:

1. Numerous – अनेक, धेरै

2. Abundant – प्रचुर, धेरै

3. Countless – असंख्य, अनेक

4. Plentiful – प्रचुर, धेरै

5. Copious – अत्याधिक, धेरै

6. Infinite – अनंत, असीम

Description and Origination

“As many” is a phrase used to indicate a large quantity or number of something. It is often used to compare two or more quantities or to emphasize the abundance of something. The phrase originated from the English language and has been adopted in Nepali as well.


Some antonyms of “as many” in English with their Nepali translations include:

1. Few – केही, थोरै

2. Scarce – अत्यन्त अल्प, कम

3. Limited – सीमित, परिमित

4. Insufficient – पर्याप्त नभएको, कम

5. Rare – दुर्लभ, अत्यन्त कम

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