Armpit Meaning in Nepali: बगल, काँधको बगल, बगली, बगलको भित्र, बगलको तल्ला

Nearby Words:

Noun: Shoulder (काँध), Chest (छाती), Breast (स्तन), Rib (पट्टी), Waist (कमर)

Adjective: Hairy (बालोटे), Sweaty (पसिनाले भरिएको), Stinky (दुर्गन्धयुक्त), Sensitive (संवेदनशील), Itchy (खुजलीलाग्ने)

Part of Speech:




Armpit Synonyms:

Underarm, Axilla, Pit, Hollow, Groin (बगल, काँधको बगल, बगली, बगलको भित्र, बगलको तल्ला)

Description and Origination:

The armpit, also known as the axilla, is the hollow area under the arm where the arm connects to the shoulder. It is a sensitive area that can become sweaty and smelly. The armpit is an essential part of the body’s lymphatic system, containing lymph nodes that help filter toxins and fight infections. The term “armpit” originated from the Old English word “earmbe”, which means “arm” and “pytt”, which means “hole”.


Elbow (कोही), Wrist (कलाई), Palm (हातको तल्ला), Finger (औंला), Thumb (अंगुली)

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