Arising Meaning in Nepali: उत्पन्न हुनु, उठ्नु, उद्भव हुनु, उद्भवित हुनु

Nearby Words:

Noun: Arise (उद्भव), Ariser (उद्भवकर्ता)

Verb: Arisen (उद्भवित भएको), Arises (उठ्नुहुन्छ), Arising (उठ्ने)

Part of Speech of Arising:


Pronunciation of Arising:


Arising Synonyms:

Emerging (उभिन्न), Originating (उत्पन्न), Springing up (उद्भव हुनु), Coming into being (हुनु), Developing (विकास)

Arising Antonyms:

Disappearing (गायब हुनु), Vanishing (मिट्नु), Ceasing (बन्द हुनु), Ending (समाप्त हुनु)

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