Archetype Meaning in Nepali: आदर्श, मूल आदर्श, प्राचीन आदर्श, आदर्श चित्रण, आदर्श नमूना

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Noun: आदर्शता (Idealism), आदर्शवाद (Idealism), आदर्शवादी (Idealist), आदर्शनीयता (Idealness), आदर्शवादिनी (Idealist)

Adjective: आदर्शी (Ideal), आदर्शवादी (Idealistic)

Part of Speech:




Archetype Synonyms:

1. Model – मूल आदर्श

2. Prototype – प्राथमिक आदर्श

3. Exemplar – आदर्श नमूना

4. Paradigm – आदर्श चित्रण

5. Standard – मानक

6. Classic – प्राचीन आदर्श

Description and Origination of Archetype:

An archetype refers to a typical example or a universally recognized symbol, character, or pattern of behavior. It represents the fundamental characteristics or qualities that are inherent in a particular concept or idea. Archetypes are often found in literature, mythology, and folklore, and they serve as a basis for creating relatable and recognizable characters or symbols. The concept of archetypes originated from the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who believed that they are part of the collective unconscious and are shared by all individuals across cultures and time periods.


1. Variation – विविधता

2. Deviation – विचलन

3. Anomaly – अनियमितता

4. Aberration – विपथन

5. Exception – अपवाद

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