Aggressor Meaning in Nepali

Aggressor meaning in Nepali: आक्रामक, हमलाई, आक्रमणकारी

Pronunciation: [uh-gres-er]

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • Aggression (noun) – आक्रमण, हमला
  • Aggressive (adjective) – आक्रामक, हमलाई
  • Aggressiveness (noun) – आक्रामकता, हमलाई
  • Aggress (verb) – आक्रमण गर्नु, हमला गर्नु
  • Aggressed (verb) – आक्रमण गरिएको, हमला गरिएको


  • Assailant – हमलाई
  • Invader – आक्रमणकारी
  • Attacker – हमलाई
  • Offender – आक्रमक
  • Provoker – उत्तेजक


No direct antonyms found in Nepali.

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Aggressor refers to a person or entity that initiates an attack or engages in aggressive behavior. In Nepali, it is translated as आक्रामक, हमलाई, आक्रमणकारी. As a noun, it represents the role of the attacker or the one who commits aggression. The word can be pronounced as [uh-gres-er].

Some nearby words related to aggressor include aggression (आक्रमण, हमला), aggressive (आक्रामक, हमलाई), aggressiveness (आक्रामकता, हमलाई), aggress (आक्रमण गर्नु, हमला गर्नु), and aggressed (आक्रमण गरिएको, हमला गरिएको).

Synonyms for aggressor include assailant, invader, attacker, offender, and provoker. However, no direct antonyms were found in Nepali.

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