ad interim

ad interim

Part of Speech: Adverb

Meaning in Nepali:

1. अन्तरिम (antarim)

2. अन्तरिमकालीन (antarimakālīna)


(ad in-ter-im)

Nearby Words:

1. ad infinitum (adverb) – अनन्तकालसम्म (anantakālasamma)

2. ad interim (adverb) – अन्तरिम (antarim)

3. ad libitum (adverb) – आवश्यकतामा (āvaśyakatāmā)


1. temporarily

2. provisionally

3. for the time being

4. in the meantime

5. for now


अन्तरिम विरुद्ध (antarim viruddha) – permanently

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