Part of speech: Noun

Meaning in Nepali:

1. वास्तविकता, वास्तविकताहरू

2. वास्तविक घटनाहरू



Nearby Words:

1. Actuality (Noun) – वास्तविकता

2. Actualize (Verb) – वास्तविक बनाउनु

3. Actual (Adjective) – वास्तविक


1. Realities – वास्तविकताहरू

2. Facts – तथ्यहरू

3. Truths – सत्यहरू

4. Certainties – निश्चितताहरू

5. Existences – अस्तित्वहरू


1. Fictions – कल्पनाहरू

2. Imaginations – कल्पनाहरू

3. Illusions – भ्रमहरू

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Actualities refer to the real or existing things, events, or facts. In Nepali, it is translated as “वास्तविकता” or “वास्तविकताहरू”. As a noun, actualities represent the state of being real or true. It is pronounced as “ak-choo-al-i-tees”. Some nearby words include “actuality” (वास्तविकता), “actualize” (वास्तविक बनाउनु), and “actual” (वास्तविक).

Synonyms of actualities include “realities”, “facts”, “truths”, “certainties”, and “existences”. On the other hand, antonyms of actualities are “fictions”, “imaginations”, and “illusions”.

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