Backrest Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: पछाडीको सहारा, पीठको सहारा, पछाडीको आधार, पीठको आधार

Nearby Words:

Noun: Support (सहारा), Base (आधार), Foundation (आधार), Cushion (गद्दी), Rest (आराम)

Part of Speech:




Backrest Synonyms:

1. Support – सहारा

2. Cushion – गद्दी

3. Rest – आराम

4. Headrest – टोपीको सहारा

5. Lumbar support – पीठको सहारा

6. Seatback – बस्तोको पछाडी

Description and Origination of Backrest:

A backrest refers to the support or cushioning provided for the back while sitting or lying down. It is an essential feature of chairs, sofas, car seats, and various other furniture items. The backrest helps maintain proper posture, reduces strain on the spine, and enhances comfort during prolonged periods of sitting. The concept of backrests originated from the need to provide ergonomic support and promote relaxation. With advancements in furniture design, backrests have evolved to cater to different preferences and requirements. They can be adjustable, padded, or contoured to provide optimal support and comfort. Backrests play a crucial role in ensuring a healthy and comfortable seating experience.


1. Frontrest – सामुदायिक

2. Headrest – टोपीको सहारा

3. Armrest – बाँचेको सहारा

4. Footrest – पाउँको सहारा

5. Legrest – खुट्टाको सहारा


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