Part of Speech: Noun

Meaning in Nepali:

1. अभिनेता, अभिनेत्री

2. कलाकार



Nearby Words:

1. Actress (Noun) – अभिनेत्री

2. Act (Noun) – कार्य

3. Drama (Noun) – नाटक


1. Performer

2. Thespian

3. Player

4. Artist

5. Entertainer


दुष्प्रभावी (Negative)

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Actors are individuals who portray characters in various forms of entertainment, such as films, television shows, and theater productions. They bring stories to life by embodying different personalities and emotions. In Nepali, the word “actor” can be translated as “अभिनेता” or “अभिनेत्री,” which refers to male and female actors respectively. The term “कलाकार” can also be used to describe an actor.

Actors often work alongside actresses, who are female actors. They collaborate to create compelling performances that captivate audiences. The word “act” is related to the profession of acting and refers to the action of performing or portraying a character. Drama, another nearby word, signifies the art form of storytelling through live performances.

Synonyms for actor include performer, thespian, player, artist, and entertainer. These terms highlight the versatility and creativity required in the field of acting. On the other hand, the antonym for actor in Nepali is “दुष्प्रभावी,” which means negative or harmful.

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