absence of illness

Absence of Illness

Pronunciation: (ab-suhns uhv il-nis)

Part of Speech: noun


The term “absence of illness” refers to the state of being free from any form of sickness or disease. It signifies a condition of good health and well-being.

Nepali Meanings

1. अवस्थामा अभाव (avasthāmā abhāva) – The state of being absent in condition.

2. रोगको अभाव (rogko abhāva) – The absence of disease.

Nearby Words

1. Wellness – स्वास्थ्य (swāsthya) – The state of being in good health.

2. Fitness – फिटनेस (phitnes) – The condition of being physically and mentally fit.

3. Health – स्वास्थ्य (swāsthya) – The overall well-being of an individual.

4. Vigor – ऊर्जा (ūrjā) – Physical or mental strength and energy.

5. Vitality – जीवनशक्ति (jīvanśakti) – The state of being strong and active.


1. Wellness

2. Good health

3. Soundness

4. Wholeness

5. Fitness


1. Illness – अस्वस्थता (asvasthatā) – The state of being sick or unwell.

2. Disease – रोग (rog) – A disorder or abnormal condition affecting the body.

3. Sickness – अस्वस्थता (asvasthatā) – The state of being ill or unwell.


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