Amputation Meaning in Telugu

Amputation, in Telugu, is known as అంగభంగం (angabhāṅgaṁ). It refers to the surgical removal of a limb or body part due to injury, disease, or medical necessity.

Pronunciation of Amputation

The pronunciation of amputation in Telugu is angabhāṅgaṁ.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to amputation:

  • Noun: అంగభంగం (angabhāṅgaṁ) – Amputation
  • Noun: అంగభంగితుడు (angabhāṅgituḍu) – Amputee
  • Noun: అంగభంగిత (angabhāṅgita) – Amputated
  • Noun: అంగభంగిత అంగం (angabhāṅgita aṅgaṁ) – Amputated limb

Example sentence: అంగభంగం చేసిన వ్యక్తి పునరుద్ధారం చేయాలని ఆర్థిక సహాయం అవసరం ఉందని చికిత్స చెప్పారు. (The person who underwent amputation needs financial assistance for rehabilitation, the doctor suggested.)

Amputation Synonyms

Some synonyms for amputation include:

  • అంగభంగం (angabhāṅgaṁ) – Amputation
  • అంగభంగితం (angabhāṅgitaṁ) – Amputation
  • అంగభంగిత (angabhāṅgita) – Amputated

Amputation Antonyms

The antonym for amputation in Telugu is పూర్తిగా ఉండేందుకు (pūrtigā uṇḍēnduku), which means “to be complete” or “to remain intact.”


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