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Alpha and Omega: Meaning in Telugu

Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, respectively. In Telugu, “alpha” is translated as ఆది (aadi) and “omega” as అంత్యం (antyam).


The pronunciation of “alpha” is [al-fuh] and “omega” is [oh-mi-guh].


Some synonyms for “alpha” include beginning, start, and first. Synonyms for “omega” include end, conclusion, and last.

Nearby Words

Some nearby words for “alpha” are:

  • Alphabet (noun) – అక్షరమాల
  • Alphabetical (adjective) – అక్షరమాలాత్మక
  • Alphabetic (adjective) – అక్షరమాలాత్మక

Some nearby words for “omega” are:

  • End (noun) – ముగింపు
  • Conclusion (noun) – ముగింపు
  • Last (adjective) – చివరి

Related Sentences:

  1. The alpha of the book is captivating. (Noun)
  2. She is the omega of our team. (Noun)
  3. The alpha version of the software is now available. (Adjective)
  4. He reached the omega point of his career. (Noun)


The antonym for “alpha” in Telugu is అంత్యం (antyam).

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