Aloneness: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aloneness is a state of being alone or isolated from others. In Telugu, it is known as ఏకాంగత్వం (ēkāṅgatvaṁ). Pronounced as /ˈeɪləʊnnəs/.

Synonyms of Aloneness

1. Solitude (ఏకాంగత్వం, ēkāṅgatvaṁ)
2. Isolation (ప్రతిష్ఠ, pratiṣṭha)
3. Seclusion (విముక్తి, vimukti)
4. Loneliness (ఏకాంగత్వం, ēkāṅgatvaṁ)

Nearby Words

1. Alone (adverb) – ఏకమైన (ēkamaina) – She prefers to be alone in her room.
2. Isolated (adjective) – ప్రతిష్ఠించబడిన (pratiṣṭhincabaḍina) – He felt isolated from his friends.
3. Solitary (adjective) – ఏకాంగ (ēkāṅga) – The old man lived a solitary life in the mountains.
4. Secluded (adjective) – విముక్తిగల (vimukti gala) – The beach was secluded and peaceful.
5. Loneliness (noun) – ఏకాంగత్వం (ēkāṅgatvaṁ) – Her loneliness was evident in her eyes.


The antonym of aloneness in Telugu is సంగతి (saṅgati).


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