Alleviation: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alleviation is a noun that refers to the act of making something less severe or reducing the intensity of something. In Telugu, it can be translated as తగ్గింపు, తగ్గింపుని, తగ్గింపుగా.

Pronunciation: uh-lee-vee-ey-shuhn

Synonyms of Alleviation

Some synonyms of alleviation include relief, mitigation, easing, soothing, and comfort.

Nearby Words

1. Alleviate (verb) – తగ్గింపు చేయు, తగ్గింపు పొందుట
Example: The medicine will alleviate your pain.

2. Alleviated (adjective) – తగ్గింపు పొందిన
Example: She felt relieved and alleviated after talking to her friend.

3. Alleviating (verb) – తగ్గింపు చేసే, తగ్గింపు పొందుట
Example: The government is taking steps to alleviate poverty in the country.


The antonym of alleviation is aggravation, which can be translated as భారంగానే, భారంగానే చేయు in Telugu.

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