An air-field, also known as an airstrip or airbase, is a designated area for the takeoff, landing, and maintenance of aircraft. It serves as a crucial infrastructure for aviation activities, including military operations, commercial flights, and emergency services.


Air-field is pronounced as “air-feeld” (/ɛər fiːld/).


Some synonyms for air-field include airstrip, airbase, airport, aerodrome, and runway.

Nearby Words

  • Aircraft (noun) – విమానం, విమానాలు (vimānaṁ, vimānālu) – Examples: The aircraft took off smoothly. (విమానం మెరవించింది)
  • Pilot (noun) – పైలట్, విమానచాలకుడు (pailaṭ, vimānacālakuḍu) – Examples: The pilot skillfully landed the plane. (పైలట్ విమానం నిలిపించాడు)
  • Control Tower (noun) – నియంత్రణ గోపురం (niyaṁtraṇa gōpuraṁ) – Examples: The control tower guided the aircraft during landing. (నియంత్రణ గోపురం నిలిపించింది)


The antonym for air-field is “waterway” (noun) – నీరు మార్గం (nīru mārgaṁ).

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