Air-Drop is a term used in the context of military operations and humanitarian aid. It refers to the act of delivering supplies or personnel from an aircraft to the ground without landing. The term can also be used in a broader sense to describe the process of dropping objects or materials from the air.

Meanings in Telugu:

వాయు-పడకం, వాయు-పడకము


air-drop (/ɛr drɒp/)


Aerial delivery, Parachute drop, Airborne delivery

Nearby Words:

– Aircraft (Noun) – విమానం, విమానము
– Delivery (Noun) – డెలివరీ, వితరణ
– Supplies (Noun) – సరఫరా, సరఫరాలు
– Personnel (Noun) – అంగీకారులు, పనివారు
– Landing (Noun) – ల్యాండింగ్, నిలయం

Example Sentences:

– The aircraft performed an air-drop of essential supplies to the remote village.
– The delivery of medical aid was done through an air-drop in the war-torn region.
– The personnel were air-dropped into the enemy territory for a covert operation.


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