Aided Meaning in Telugu

సహాయం చేసే (sahāyam cēsē), సహాయం చేసేవారు (sahāyam cēsēvāru), సహాయం చేసేవారికి (sahāyam cēsēvāriki)

Pronunciation of Aided


Aided Synonyms

assisted, supported, helped, backed, facilitated

Nearby Words

1. Aid (noun) – సహాయం (sahāyam) – The act of helping or assisting someone.
Example: The organization provided aid to the flood victims.

2. Aide (noun) – సహాయకుడు (sahāyakuḍu) – A person who assists or supports someone.
Example: The president’s aide briefed him on the current situation.

3. Aiding (verb) – సహాయం చేసుకోవడం (sahāyam cēsukōvaḍaṁ) – The act of helping or supporting someone.
Example: The team is aiding the development of a new software.

4. Aidless (adjective) – సహాయం లేని (sahāyam lēni) – Without aid or support.
Example: The aidless child struggled to survive on the streets.


అనుకూలం లేని (anukūlaṁ lēni)

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