Agility: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agility is a noun that refers to the ability to move quickly and easily. It is pronounced as uh-jil-i-tee.

Agility Synonyms

Some synonyms for agility include nimbleness, dexterity, quickness, and spryness.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to agility:

  • Agile (adjective): చట్టంగా, చట్టంగానే (chattanga, chattangane) – meaning “quick” or “nimble”
  • Agilely (adverb): చట్టంగా (chattanga) – meaning “in a quick or nimble manner”
  • Agileness (noun): చట్టంగత్వం (chattangatvam) – meaning “the quality of being quick or nimble”
  • Agility training (noun): చట్టంగత్వ ప్రశిక్షణ (chattangatva prashikshan) – meaning “training to improve agility”

Example sentences:

  1. ఆ కుక్క చట్టంగా పరిచయం చేసుకుంటుంది. (Aa kukka chattanga parichayam cheskuntundi) – That dog is getting acquainted quickly.
  2. అతను చట్టంగా ఆడుకుంటాడు. (Atanu chattanga adukuntadu) – He plays agilely.


The antonym for agility is adangatvam (అడంగత్వం) which means “inability to move quickly or easily.”

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