Agile: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agile is an English word that refers to the ability to move quickly and easily. In Telugu, it can be translated as చట్టంగా మరియు సులభంగా చలనం చేయు (chattanga mariyu sulabhanga chalanam cheyu). The pronunciation of agile is /ˈædʒaɪl/.

Synonyms of Agile

Some synonyms of agile include nimble, quick, spry, and fleet-footed.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to agile:

  • Adjective:
  • – Active – సక్రియం (sakriyam)
  • – Flexible – లచ్చుకునే (lacchukune)
  • – Swift – త్వరగా (tvaraga)
  • – Quick – త్వరగా (tvaraga)
  • – Lively – జీవంతంగా (jeevantamga)

Example sentences:

  1. He is an active participant in sports.
  2. The gymnast showed flexible moves during her performance.
  3. The swift cheetah chased its prey.
  4. She gave a quick response to the question.
  5. The party was filled with lively music and dancing.


The antonym of agile is నిష్క్రియం (nishkriyam) in Telugu, which means inactive or sluggish.

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