aegle marmelos

Aegle Marmelos

Meanings in Telugu:

మారమరకం, బిల్వం, మారమరం, బిల్వపత్రం


Aegle Marmelos (Ay-guhl Mar-mel-os)


Bael, Bengal Quince, Stone Apple, Wood Apple

Nearby Words:

  • Noun: మారమరకం (maaramarakam) – Aegle Marmelos
  • Noun: బిల్వం (bilvam) – Bael Fruit
  • Noun: మారమరం (maaramaram) – Wood Apple
  • Noun: బిల్వపత్రం (bilvapatram) – Bael Leaf

1. మారమరకం పండు తినడం ఆరోగ్యకరం. (Maaramarakam pandu tinadam aarogyakaram) – Eating Aegle Marmelos is healthy.

2. బిల్వం పండు రక్తపోషకం. (Bilvam pandu rakthaposhakam) – Bael fruit is blood purifying.


Ad (అడ్)

Discover the various meanings, pronunciation, synonyms, nearby words, antonyms, and more about Aegle Marmelos. Aegle Marmelos, also known as Bael, Bengal Quince, Stone Apple, or Wood Apple, holds significant importance in Telugu language. In Telugu, it is referred to as “మారమరకం” (maaramarakam), “బిల్వం” (bilvam), “మారమరం” (maaramaram), or “బిల్వపత్రం” (bilvapatram).

The pronunciation of Aegle Marmelos is written as Ay-guhl Mar-mel-os. This pronunciation guide helps in correctly pronouncing the name.

Some synonyms for Aegle Marmelos include Bael, Bengal Quince, Stone Apple, and Wood Apple. These synonyms can be used interchangeably to refer to the fruit.

When exploring nearby words, you will come across terms like “మారమరకం” (maaramarakam) meaning Aegle Marmelos, “బిల్వం” (bilvam) meaning Bael Fruit, “మారమరం” (maaramaram) meaning Wood Apple, and “బిల్వపత్రం” (bilvapatram) meaning Bael Leaf. These words provide a deeper understanding of related terms.

For antonyms, the word “ad” (అడ్) is used in Telugu. It represents the opposite meaning of Aegle Marmelos.

To further explore Aegle Marmelos, you can refer to,, and These sources provide comprehensive information about the fruit, its properties, and its uses.

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