Amphiboly Meaning in Telugu

Amphiboly is a term used in logic and linguistics to describe a type of ambiguity that arises from unclear sentence structure or phrasing. In Telugu, amphiboly can have multiple meanings depending on the context. Here are a few examples:

Pronunciation of Amphiboly

Amphiboly (అంఫిబోలీ) is pronounced as “am-fi-bo-lee” in Telugu.

Nearby Words

  • Nearby Words:
    • Noun – పరిసరం (parisaram) – environment
    • Noun – అర్థం (artham) – meaning
    • Noun – వాక్యం (vakyan) – sentence
    • Noun – పదం (padam) – word

Example Sentence: ఈ పదం నాకు అర్థం కావడం లేదు. (I don’t understand the meaning of this word.)

Amphiboly Synonyms

  • Synonyms:
    • అస్పష్టత (aspashtata) – ambiguity
    • అనిశ్చితత (anishchitata) – uncertainty
    • సందిగ్ధత (sandigdhata) – doubt

Amphiboly Antonyms

  • Antonyms:
    • స్పష్టత (spashtata) – clarity
    • నిర్ణయం (nirnayam) – certainty
    • విశ్వసనీయత (vishwasaneeyata) – trustworthiness

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