Admonishing: Meaning and Pronunciation

Admonishing is a verb that means to warn or reprimand someone firmly. It is pronounced as uh d-mon-ish-ing.

Synonyms of Admonishing

Some synonyms of admonishing include:

  • Rebuking (తిరస్కరించుట)
  • Chastising (శిక్షించుట)
  • Reproving (తిరస్కరించుట)
  • Scolding (తిరస్కరించుట)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings:

  • Admonish (verb) – తిరస్కరించు
  • Admonisher (noun) – తిరస్కరించువాడు
  • Admonishment (noun) – తిరస్కరణ
  • Admonitory (adjective) – తిరస్కరించుటకు సంబంధించిన

Example sentences:

  1. The teacher admonished the students for not completing their homework. (Admonished – verb)
  2. She received an admonishment from her boss for being late. (Admonishment – noun)
  3. The mother gave an admonitory speech to her children about the importance of honesty. (Admonitory – adjective)


The antonym of admonishing is “praise” (ప్రశంస).

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