Admittedly: Meaning and Pronunciation

Admittedly is an adverb that is used to acknowledge or concede a fact or truth. It is often used to introduce a statement that may contradict or weaken a previous statement. In Telugu, admittedly can be translated as నిజంగానే (nijangānē).

Pronunciation: (ad-mit-id-lee)

Synonyms of Admittedly

1. Undeniably (నిరాకరించలేనిది, nirākarinchalēnidhi)

2. Certainly (నిశ్చయంగా, niścayaṅgā)

3. Granted (అంగీకరించిన, aṅgīkarinchina)

Nearby Words

1. Admit (verb) – అంగీకరించు (aṅgīkarinchu) – She will admit her mistake.

2. Admission (noun) – అంగీకరణ (aṅgīkaraṇa) – The admission fee is non-refundable.

3. Admissible (adjective) – అంగీకరించగల (aṅgīkarinchagala) – The evidence is admissible in court.


The antonym of admittedly is unadmittedly. In Telugu, unadmittedly can be translated as అంగీకరించలేనిది (aṅgīkarinchalēnidhi).

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