Adventurousness is the quality of being adventurous, which refers to the willingness to take risks and seek out new experiences. It is an essential trait for those who crave excitement and thrive on exploring the unknown. In Telugu, adventurousness can be expressed as సాహసం (sāhasam), ప్రవాసము (pravāsamu), కౌతుకము (kautukamu), ఆటగాడుగా (āṭagāḍugā).


Adventurousness is pronounced as /ədˈvɛn(t)ʃərəsnəs/.


Some synonyms for adventurousness include daring, boldness, audacity, intrepidity, and venturesomeness.

Nearby Words

  • Adventure (noun) – సాహసము (sāhasamu) – The act of engaging in exciting or daring experiences.
  • Adventurer (noun) – సాహసి (sāhasi) – A person who seeks out and enjoys adventurous experiences.
  • Adventuresome (adjective) – సాహసమైన (sāhasamaina) – Having a tendency to seek out and enjoy adventurous experiences.
  • Adventurously (adverb) – సాహసముగా (sāhasamugā) – In a manner that shows a willingness to take risks and seek out new experiences.


The antonym for adventurousness is అసాహసము (asāhasamu), which means lack of adventurousness or unwillingness to take risks.

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