Alliance: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alliance is a noun that refers to a union or association formed for mutual benefit or cooperation. In Telugu, it is known as మైత్రికం (maitrikam), సంధి (sandhi), సంఘం (sangham), సంధానం (sandhanam).

Pronunciation: uh-lahy-uhns

Synonyms of Alliance

Some synonyms of alliance include partnership, coalition, union, affiliation, collaboration, and association.

Nearby Words

1. Partner (noun) – భాగస్వామి (bhagaswami) – a person who takes part in an alliance or partnership.

Example sentence: The two companies decided to become partners to expand their market reach.

2. Cooperation (noun) – సహకారం (sahakaram) – the act of working together towards a common goal.

Example sentence: The countries entered into a cooperation agreement to combat climate change.

3. Collaboration (noun) – సహకారం (sahakaram) – the action of working with others to produce or create something.

Example sentence: The artists collaborated on a project to create a stunning mural.


The antonym of alliance is division. In Telugu, division is known as విభజన (vibhajan).

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