administrative approval

Administrative Approval: Meaning and Pronunciation

Administrative approval, known as ఆడిట్ అనుమతి (āḍiṭ anumati) in Telugu, refers to the formal consent or authorization given by the administrative authorities for a particular action or decision.

Pronunciation: (āḍmiṇistrēṭiv əˈpruːvəl)

Synonyms of Administrative Approval

1. ఆడిట్ ఆప్రూవల్ (āḍiṭ āprūval) – Audit Approval

2. నిర్వహణ ఆప్రూవల్ (nirvahaṇa āprūval) – Execution Approval

3. పరిపాలన ఆప్రూవల్ (paripālana āprūval) – Management Approval

Nearby Words

1. ఆడిట్ (āḍiṭ) – Audit

2. అనుమతి (anumati) – Permission

3. నిర్వహణ (nirvahaṇa) – Execution

4. పరిపాలన (paripālana) – Management

Example Sentences:

1. ఆడిట్ అనుమతి పొందడం అవసరం ఉంది. (Āḍiṭ anumati poṇḍaḍaṁ avasaraṁ undi) – Administrative approval is required.

2. ఆడిట్ ఆప్రూవల్ పొందడం కొరకు అర్హత ఉంది. (Āḍiṭ āprūval poṇḍaḍaṁ koraku arhata undi) – Eligibility is required for audit approval.


The antonym of administrative approval in Telugu is నిషేధం (niṣēdhaṁ), which means “prohibition” or “restriction”.

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