adams apple

Adams Apple: Meaning in Telugu

Adams Apple is known as “ఆడంస్ ఆపిల్” (Aadams Apple) in Telugu.

Pronunciation of Adams Apple

The pronunciation of Adams Apple is /ˈædəmz ˈæpəl/.

Adams Apple Synonyms

Some synonyms for Adams Apple are:

  • Thyroid cartilage
  • Laryngeal prominence
  • Golfer’s bump

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to Adams Apple:

Word Part of Speech Meaning in Telugu Example Sentence
Throat Noun గొంతు నా గొంతులో నొప్పి ఉంది. (There is a sore in my throat.)
Vocal cords Noun వాక్ స్వరములు వాక్ స్వరములు మాట్లాడడం కష్టం. (Speaking with vocal cords is difficult.)
Neck Noun కంఠము నా కంఠం నలుపుగా ఉంది. (My neck is sore.)


The antonym for Adams Apple in Telugu is “అడ్” (Ad).

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