Adages: Timeless Wisdom in Telugu

Adages, also known as proverbs or sayings, are concise and memorable expressions of wisdom that have been passed down through generations. These adages encapsulate the collective knowledge and experiences of our ancestors, offering valuable insights into various aspects of life. In this article, we explore the meanings, pronunciation, synonyms, nearby words, antonyms, and additional resources related to adages in Telugu.

Meanings of Adages in Telugu

1. “ప్రతిపదం ఒక అర్థం కాదు” (Pratipadam oka artham kadu) – Every word has a meaning.
2. “ప్రతిపదం ఒక పదం కాదు” (Pratipadam oka padam kadu) – Every word is not a proverb.
3. “ప్రతిపదం ఒక పదం కాదు, ప్రతిపదం ఒక అర్థం” (Pratipadam oka padam kadu, pratipadam oka artham) – Every word is not a proverb, every word has a meaning.

Pronunciation of Adages in Telugu

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Synonyms of Adages

1. గాదెలు (Gadelu)
2. నీతి నియమాలు (Neethi niyamalu)
3. మాటలు (Maatalu)

Nearby Words

1. పదం (Noun) – word
Example: ఈ పదం అర్థం లేదు. (This word has no meaning.)
2. అర్థం (Noun) – meaning
Example: ఈ పదం ఒక అర్థం ఉంది. (This word has a meaning.)
3. ప్రతిపదం (Noun) – proverb
Example: ఈ ప్రతిపదం చాలా చెప్పబడింది. (This proverb is widely spoken.)


Ad – విజ్ఞాపనం (Vignāpanaṁ)

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